Virginia Pepperweed
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Virginia Pepperweed
aturalized Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Virginia Pepperweed, least pepperwort, peppergrass, poor-man's-pepper
Botanical name: Lepidium virginicum    Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard family)

Virginia pepperweed is a biennial herb native to the American continents, but widely naturalized elsewhere. Virginia pepperweed's most identifiable characteristic is its flower-raceme, which arise from the plant's highly branched stem. The racemes give the plant the appearance of a bottlebrush. On the racemes are first small white flowers, and later greenish fruits. The entire plant is generally 10-50 cm tall. The leaves on the stems are stalkless, linear to lanceshaped and get larger as they approach the base. All parts of the plant have a peppery taste.

Identification credit: Ihsan Al-Shehbaz
Photographed in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.
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