Water Dropwort   
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Water Dropwort
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Water Dropwort, Water Celery, Water Parsley • Manipuri: ꯀꯣꯝꯄ꯭ꯔꯦꯛ Komprek • Tangkhul: Hanchamhan
Botanical name: Oenanthe javanica    Family: Apiaceae (Carrot family)

Water Dropwort is a perennial herb with creeping stolons and long, threadlike, white rootlets. The erect, slender, hollow, green stems range from 4 inches to 5 feet high. The deep green leaves, having an odor like carrot tops, resemble celery in shape and size. Tiny, white, fragrant flowers form in compound umbels of 10-25 blooms. The plant grows wild in freshwater marshes and swampy fields, and along ditches, canals, and streams in many Asian countries. The tops are eaten raw in salads or as a garnish similar to parsley. The young stems and leaves are also steamed with rice, or boiled and chopped as greens. There are many oriental recipes that include this vegetable. The plant is common in NE India.
Photographed in Imphal, Manipur.
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