Western Hill Catmint
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Western Hill Catmint
ative Photo: Sadanand Gupta
Common name: Western Hill Catmint • Hindi: Chandhara • Marathi: गोपाळी Gopali
Botanical name: Anisomeles heyneana     Family: Lamiaceae (mint family)

Gopali is a tall, erect herb, growing to 1-1.5 m high. Slender stems and branches are quadrangular. Oppositely arranged ovate lance-like leaves are 5-12 cm long. Flowers occur in cymes which are 10-30 cm long. Small 2 cm flowers are white, tinged with pink, and 2-lipped. Upper lip is 5 mm. The lower lip is 3-lobed. The flowers resemble cow's earlobes, which gives it its Marathi name. Flowering: October-November.

Identification credit: Pravin Kawale Photographed in Maharashtra.

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