Western Pearly Everlasting   
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Western Pearly Everlasting
ative Photo: Tabish
Common name: Western Pearly Everlasting, Pearly Everlasting
Botanical name: Anaphalis margaritacea    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Western Pearly Everlasting is a perennial herb, native to Asia and also North America. Since it is the only North American species, it is often simply called Pearly Everlasting in the West, where it is widely cultivated. It grows up to about 1-3 ft tall and has narrow, lancelike leaves which are alternately arranged on the stem. Leaves are 5-12 cm long, and have 1-3 prominent parallel veins. Leaves are dark green above and gray woolly-haired on the underside. The stems are dry and brittle. Flower-heads are small and whitish to yellowish and grows in corymbs. The more noticeable part of the flower-heads is the numerous white bracts that surround the actual flowers. The flower clusters are 5-15 cm across, and the flower-heads are less than a centimeter each. Western Pearly Everlasting is found in the Himalayas, from Pakistann to SW China, at altitudes of 1800-3000 m. Flowering: August-November.

Photographed in Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand.
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