White Catamaran Tree
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White Catamaran Tree
ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: White Catamaran Tree • Kannada: ಬೆಟ್ಟ ತವರೆ betta thavare • Malayalam: കൊട്ടതണുക്ക് kottathanukk • Marathi: अकरोट akrot • Tamil: பூத்தாளி puttali, வெண்டாளி ventali • Telugu: కొండ పొణికి konda ponaku, తెల్ల పొలికి tella poliki
Botanical name: Givotia moluccana    Family: Euphorbiaceae (Castor family)
Synonyms: Croton moluccanus, Givotia rottleriformis

White Catamaran Tree is a moderate-sized tree. Bark is brown, smooth peeling off in circular thick bosses, leaving pits. Leaves are alternate, rounded and heart-shaped, wavy-toothed, base 5-7 nerved, with several veins above them ; blade attaining 10 in. in length and breadth, leathery, hoary above, beneath white with dense adpressed, wool. Leaf-stalk is stout, 4-6 in., woolly, with sometimes a few glands. Flowers are dicecious, in axillary and sub-terminal panicled cymes 4-8 in. long, near the ends of branches. Bracts are narrow-linear. Sepals are 5, imbricate. Petals are 5, longer than sepals, more or less cohering. Male flowers are 4 mm in diameter. Sepals are 5, broad, unequal. Petals are 5, longer, cohering in a globose 5-lobed corolla. Stamens 13-25 crowded on a woolly receptacle, filaments connate below, erect. Female flowers 5 mm in diameter. Ovary is globose, hairy, 2-3-celled. Fruit is a round drupe 2-2.5 cm in diameter. It is a prominent tree on account of its large leaves densely woolly-white beneath.

Identification credit: Shrikant Ingalhalikar
Photographed near Sutagatti, Karnataka.
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