White Star Ginger
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White Star Ginger
P Native Photo: M. Sawmliana
Common name: White Star Ginger • Mizo: Aichhe-parvar
Botanical name: Hedychium stenopetalum    Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)
Synonyms: Hedychium elatum var. orgyale

White Star Ginger is perennial herb with leafy shoots over 2 m. Leaves are linear lanceshaped to oblong lanceshaped, tapering, stalkless, 40-70 x 7-15 cm, densely hairy beneath; ligule 1.5-2cm, velvet-hairy. Bracts are markedly diverging, oblong, convolute, 3.5-5cm, leathery, each subtending 3-5 white flowers. Calyx is up to 3.5cm, velvet-hairy. Flower tube is 4-4.5 cm; petals broadly linear, 3 cm. Lateral staminodes are linear lanceshaped, 2 cm. Lip is oblong-wedge-shaped, bifid with tapering lobes. Stamen are 5-6 cm long. White Star Ginger is found in Bhutan, NE India to Indo-China.

Identification credit: M. Sawmliana Photographed in Ailawng area, Mizoram.

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