Wight's Litsea
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Wight's Litsea
ative Photo: Anurag Sharma
Common name: Wight's Litsea • Tamil: அரம்பமரம் Arampamaram
Botanical name: Litsea wightiana    Family: Lauraceae (Laurel family)

Wight's Litsea is a tree with branchlets round and velvet-hairy. Leaves are simple, alternate, spirally arranged. Leaf-stalks is up to 2.5 cm long, planoconvex in cross section, velvety. Leaves are 4.5-15 x 2-9 cm, elliptic, tip pointed to attenuate rarely blunt, base narrow, margin entire and slightly recurved, velvet-hairy beneath, somewhat leathery, midrib raised above, secondary nerves 6-8 pairs, tertiary nerves horizontally percurrent. Inflorescence are umbellules in racemes, carried on 1.5 cm long peduncle. Flowers are unisexual, stalkless. Berry is ellipsoid, 1.5 cm across, accresecnt perianth to about the middle. Wight's Litsea is endemic to Western Ghats.

Identification credit: Udayan Punakkal Photographed at Chikamagalur-Kemmangudi Road, Karnataka.

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