Willow-Leaf Fig
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Willow-Leaf Fig
D Native Photo: Anil Thakur
Common name: Willow-Leaf Fig • Nepali: दुधिलो Dudhilo • Mizo: Hnai-thei
Botanical name: Ficus neriifolia    Family: Moraceae (Mulberry family)
Synonyms: Ficus nemoralis var. gemella, Ficus gemella, Ficus wardii

Willow-Leaf Fig grows as a tree up to 15 m tall with smooth, dark grey bark on its trunk. The hairless, leathery oval to lanceshaped leaves are up to 8-18 cm long by 3-6.5 cm wide, and often asymmetrical in shape. Leaf-stalks are 1-4 cm long. The 8-10 cm across figs are rounded, oval, or cylindrical and grow in pairs off older branches. Willow-Leaf Fig is found in W Yunnan, Bhutan, from Himalayan to NE India, Myanmar, Nepal, at altitudes of 1700-2900 m.

Identification credit: Anil Thakur Photographed in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

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