Woollyjoint Pricklypear
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Woollyjoint Pricklypear
ntroduced Photo: P. Rao Pulakhandam
Common name: Woollyjoint Pricklypear, Velvet tree pear, Velvet opuntia
Botanical name: Opuntia tomentosa      Family: Cactaceae

Opuntias are an easy group of cacti to grow, and are the gift that keeps on giving. They grow in sections, any of which can be removed and rooted to start a new plant. They sport some of the most beautiful flowers in the cactus world. Woollyjoint Pricklypear is a tree type of prickly pear to over 10 feet tall. It has red-orange flowers and no long spines, but some small glochids. The plant has a velvety texture, hence the common name Velvet tree pear, and the tomentose in the botanical name. Native to southern Mexico and Guatemala.
Identification credit: P. Rao Pulakhandam • Is this flower misidentified? If yes,