Yellow Dutch Iris
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Yellow Dutch Iris
P Introduced Photo: Tabish
Common name: Yellow Dutch Iris
Botanical name: Iris x hollandica    Family: Iridaceae (Iris family)

Dutch irises are plants that grows from a bulb. They are cross between Spanish Iris (Iris xiphium) and other iris species. Yellow Dutch Iris has beautifully formed flowers rising up to 2 ft on slender stems. Leaves are long, grey, reed-like, quite sturdy, which makes them suitable for cut-flowers. Dutch irises have a characteristic shape. "Standard" petals are narrow and upright, while the "fall" petals are oval to circular, and project downward. Flowers can be 3-5 inches in size. Colors run the range from blue, purple, and mauve through brown, magenta, white, orange, yellow, and bicolors, usually with a yellow splotch near the base of the fall. They bloom from early to late spring.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in cultivation in Delhi.

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