Yellow Rose-Mallow
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Yellow Rose-Mallow
P Introduced Photo: Kalyan Brata Santra
Common name: Yellow Rose-Mallow
Botanical name: Hibiscus glandulifer    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)
Synonyms: Hibiscus glanduliferus

Yellow Rose-Mallow is a shrub, 1-1.5 m tall; stems nearly hairless; leaves simple, alternately arranged, ovate, nearly round, 6-10 cm, leaf tip pointed, base concave, heart-shaped, margin shallowly sawtoothed. The lower surface of the leaves is hairy. The base of leaves have an ovoid gland, hence the species name. The flowers are bright yellow, borne at the tip of branches, 6-12 cm long. The bracts are oval. The flowers in full bloom are about 10 cm wide, with decorative stripes. Sepals are 5, and the 5 petals are arranged in a overlapping spiral, the base is connected. The center of the flower has a dark purple streak, and many stamens connected in a tube. The fruit is spindle-shaped, 2 cm wide, up to 3 cm long. The mature fruit is split longitudinally. Seeds are small, kidney-shaped. Yellow Rose-Mallow is native to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam.

Identification credit: Kalyan Brata Santra Photographed in Bankura District, West Bengal.

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