Yellow Sawah Lettuce
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Yellow Sawah Lettuce
aturalized Photo: Sumaiya Akter Snigdha
Common name: Yellow Sawah Lettuce, Yellow Burr Head, Yellow Velvetleaf
Botanical name: Limnocharis flava    Family: Alismataceae (Water Plantain family)
Synonyms: Alisma flavum, Limnocharis flava var. indica

Yellow Sawah Lettuce is a roughly 50 cm tall plant growing in clumps. Its triangular-shaped leaves and hollow stems are hairless. Leaf-stalks are trigonous, 20-65 cm, stout. Leaves are 6-28 x 4.5-20 cm, veins 9-13, transverse veins numerous, parallel, base obtuse or somewhat heart-shaped, tip blunt or retuse. Its inflorescences have a very characteristic shape, producing three-lobed yellow flowers about 1.5 cm across. The fruits are spherical. Although it is not a floating plant, its seeds are carried away by currents. Yellow Sawah Lettuce grow generally wherever there is not very deep stagnant fresh water, in swampy areas. It sometimes invades rice fields where it can become a weed. Although it native to South America, it has become a naturalized weed throughout S and SE Asia.

Identification credit: Sumaiya Akter Snigdha
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