Annual Bluegrass
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Annual Bluegrass
ative Photo: Tabish
Common name: Annual Bluegrass, Annual Meadow Grass • Manipuri: ꯋꯥꯏꯅꯨ ꯆꯔꯥ Wainu chara • Malayalam: Kolapullu • Nepali: पोडे घाँस Pode Ghaas
Botanical name: Poa annua    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)

Annual bluegrass is a very common, widespread, low-growing, clustered annual grass in temperate climates. It is one of the sweetest grasses for green fodder, but less useful as hay. It has a slightly creeping, fibrous, rootstock. The stem grows from 15–25 cm high. It is slightly flattened. The panicle is open and triangular shaped, 5 to 7.5 cm long. The spikelets are stalked, awnless, 1 to 2 cm long when flowering, and loosely arranged on delicate paired or spreading branches. Sometimes they are tinged purple. The vivid green leaves are short and blunt at the tips, shaped like the prow of a small canoe. They are soft and drooping. Long sheaths clasp the stem. The leaves are smooth above and below, with finely serrated edges. Occasionally the leaves are serrated transversely. It is in flower all year around except for severe winters. The seeds ripen and are deposited 8 months of the year. The plant grows rapidly from seed, flowering within 6 weeks, seeding and then dying.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed in Delhi.

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