Annual Sea-Blite
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Annual Sea-Blite
ative Photo: Chandrashekhar Marathe
Common name: Annual Sea-Blite, Herbaceous seepweed, Sea blite, Seaside Indian Saltwort • Hindi: Alur • Tamil: Nila Vumarai, Koyey kasseray keeray, Kayey kaseeray keray, Yella keeray • Telugu: Alagu, Kodee kasseery kura, Vellakora, Yella kura
Botanical name: Suaeda maritima    Family: Chenopodiaceae (Cat tail family)
Synonyms: Chenopodium maritimum

Annual Sea-Blite is an annual herb frequently found on seashores, in saltmarsh, mud, sand, sometimes below tideline. Leaves are fleshy, semi-cylindrical, 1-2 mm wide. Flower are tiny, 1-2 mm in diameter. Flowers occur 1-3 together in axils of upper leaves, each with 5 green triangular sepals, no petals, and 5 pale yellow stamens. The plant is variable in habit and leaf shape. Annual Sea-Blite is distributed world-wide, native to some place and naturalized in others.

Identification credit: Chandrashekhar Marathe Photographed at Palghar, Maharashtra.

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