Bishop's Weed
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Bishop's Weed
ntroduced Photo: Amit Kumar
Common name: Bishop's Weed, Bullwort, Greater ammi, Lady's lace, Laceflower
Botanical name: Ammi majus    Family: Apiaceae (Carrot family)
Synonyms: Apium ammi

Bishop's Weed is an annual herb with finely divided, lacy leaves. Leaf stalk is 1-5 cm. Leaves are 6-20 cm, oblong, segments 1-1.5 cm, lanceolate to round. Stem leaves are 2-pinnately dissected. Flowers are borne in typically carrot-like inflorescence. Stalk carrying the clusters is 8-14 cm. Rays are 20-60, 2-7 cm, very slender, rough. Flower stalks are many, 1-10 mm, spreading-ascending to incurved in fruit. Flowers are white, with minute sepals. Petals are 5, wide, white, tips 2-lobed, ovate or spoon- shaped. Stamens are 5; pistil 1, ovary inferior, 2-chambered, generally with aconic, persistent projection or platform on top subtending 2 free styles. Fruit consists of 2 dry, 1-seeded halves that separate from each other but generally remain attached for some time to a central axis, 1.5-2 mm, oblong, subcylindric, compressed side-to-side. Ribs are equal, thread-like.

Identification credit: Amit Kumar
Photographed in Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.
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