Bristly Foxtail
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Bristly Foxtail
ative Photo: Yogesh Jangra
Common name: Bristly Foxtail , bur bristle grass, bur grass, foxtail, hooked bristlegrass • Hindi: चिरचिटा Chirchita, बरचिट्टा Barchitta, उल्टा कांटा Ulta kanta, Laptuna, Latkaunya • Nepali: Jhuse Kagune ghans • Tamil: Amarippul, Chankari, Chataippul • Telugu: Chigirinta gaddi, Chikilinta gaddi
Botanical name: Setaria verticillata     Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Panicum verticillatum, Pennisetum verticillatum

Bristly foxtail is an annual grass with stems prostrate and rising up, 10-100 cm long. Leaf-blades are 5-30 cm long, 4-16 mm wide, flaccid. Leaf-blade surface is hairless, or hairy. Inflorescence is a spike-like panicle, linear, continuous, or interrupted, 2-15 cm long. Primary panicle branches are accrescent to a central axis, with evident branchlets on axis. Bristly foxtail is widesread in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. It has also becomes naturalized in Americas, parts of Europe and Korea. Flowering: July-October.

Identification credit: Anil Kumar Photographed in Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.

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