Crown Gardenia
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Crown Gardenia
D Native Photo: Akshay Surendra
Common name: Crown Gardenia, Orange Gardenia
Botanical name: Gardenia coronaria    Family: Rubiaceae (Coffee family)
Synonyms: Gardenia costata, Yangapa flava

Crown Gardenia is a deciduous tree 25-30 ft tall, branches stout, youngest hairy, buds sticky. Flowers are nearly stalkless, borne at branch-ends, white changing to yellow, fragrant. Sepal-cup-limb is cylindric, shining round 6-25 mm, often spathacous. Flowers are 5-petalled, tube 5-10 cm, finely velvet-hairy; limb 7.5-10 cm in diameter, petals broad blunt or pointed. Leaves are almost stalkless, obovate shortly tapering above shining hairless or velvet-hairy beneath. Leaves greenish when dry, 15-30 cm by 7-12 cm, shining on both surfaces; nerves about 20 pair. Stipules are 1.2 cm, fused, lanceshaped. Fruit is 2.5 cm long, ellipsoid 5-ribbed, smooth between the ribs, endocarp thick, woody. Crown Gardenia is found in Andaman Islands, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaya, Myanmar, Thailand.

Identification credit: Akshay Surendra Photographed in Diglipur outskirts, North Andaman.

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