Few-Flowered Watermilfoil
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Few-Flowered Watermilfoil
P Native Herb lanceshaped Photo: Anurag Sharma
Common name: Few-Flowered Watermilfoil
Botanical name: Myriophyllum oliganthum    Family: Haloragaceae (Watermilfoil family)
Synonyms: Haloragis oligantha

Few-Flowered Watermilfoil is a submerged or floating aquatic herb, with branchlets hairless. Leaves are linear. 1.5-3 x 0.05 cm; upper leaves usually alternate or decussate. margin entire to sawtoothed; lower ones in whorls. pinnatifid, label threadlike. Flowers are yellow or red. bisexual or monoecious in in leaf-axils clusters. Bracteoles subulate, 1.5 mm, scarious; flower-stalk to 1.5 mm. Male flowers are 2.5 x 4 mm. Sepals linear. Petals rose, 2 mm. Stamens 4, filaments to 0.5 mm. Pistillodes 4. short. Bisexual flowers are 1.5 x 2 mm. Calyx adnate to ovary: lobes 4. rudimentary. Punts 4. yellow. inverted-lanceshaped. 2 mm. Stamens 4; filaments (inform. to I mm. Ovary I mm. styles 4. short. stigma plumose. Drupe of 4 mericarps. rug., tuberculate; seed I per mericap. Few-Flowered Watermilfoil is a very rare plant, found in Eastern and Western Ghats.

Identification credit: Anurag Sharma, Tapas Chakrabarty, Shrikant Ingalhalikar Photographed in Savandurga, Karnataka.

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