Garden Cress
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Garden Cress
ative Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: Garden Cress, Garden pepper cress, Pepper grass, pepperwort, Poor man's pepper • Arabic: رشاد مزروع rashad mazroua • Assamese: হালিম শাক halim shaak • Bengali: হালিম শাক halim shaak • Dogri: हलेयाँ haleyan • Gujarati: અશેળિયો asheliyo • Hindi: चनसुर chansur, हालिम halim • Kachchhi: આસેરીઓ aaserio • Kannada: ಅಲ್ಲಿಬೀಜ allibeeja, ಕುರ್ಟಿಗೆ ಗಿಡ kurtige gida • Konkani: आळीव aaliv • Malayalam: ആശാളി aashaali • Marathi: अळीव aliv • Nepali: चम्सुर chamsur • Odia: ହାଲିମ halima • Persian: تره تيزك tara tezak • Punjabi: ਹਾਲੋਂ halon, ਸੋਰਮਾ sorma, ਤੇਜਕ tejak • Rajasthani: असालियो asaliyo • Sanskrit: चन्द्रशूर chandrashura, रक्तराजी raktaraji • Sindhi: حَليِمُ halimu • Tamil: ஆளி ali • Telugu: ఆడాలు aadaalu • Tulu: ಅಳ್ವಿ alvi • Urdu: چنسر chansur, هالم halim, ہالوں halon Source: Names of Plants in India
Botanical name: Lepidium sativum    Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard family)

Garden Cress is an annual herb that can reach a height of 2 ft, with many branches on the upper part. The leaves are entire, the upper ones are stalkless whereas lower ones stalked. Flowers are white to pinkish in color, small, 2 mm across, borne in long racemes. The fruits are small pods, obovate, with two seeds per pod. The seeds are brownish red in colour and become slimy when soaked in water. Garden Cress is native to mediterranean region and Western Himalaya, introduced and naturalised, cultivated throughout the world. Within India, it is cultivated as a salad plant. It is found as an escape.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed in Mohra, Kashmir & Ismailabad, Haryana.

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