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ative Photo: Vijay Anand Ismavel
Common name: Garjan • Assamese: Gurjun kuroilsal • Bengali: teli-gurjun • Hindi: Garjan, teli-garjan, tihya-garjan • Kannada: ಕಿರಾಲುಬೋಗಿ, ಕಿರಲುಬೋಗಿ Kiralubogi, ಕಿರಿಲ್‍ಬೋಗಿ Kirilbogi, ಕಲ್ಬಾನೆ Kalbane, ಕಲ್ಬಾಗೆ Kalbage, ಸಣ್ಣೆಲೆಬೋಗಿ Sannelebogi, ಗೂಗ Googa, ವಲೀವರ Valeevara, ಚಲ್ಲಾನೆ Challaane • Manipuri: ꯌꯥꯉꯧ Yangou • Mizo: lawngthing • Tamil: challani, yennar, enneymaram
Botanical name: Dipterocarpus turbinatus    Family: Dipterocarpaceae (Sal family)
Synonyms: Dipterocarpus jourdainii

Garjan is a lofty tree, about 35 m tall. Bark is gray or dark brown, shallowly longitudinally fissured and flaky. Branchlets are hairless. Leaf buds are sickle-shaped. Buds and young twigs densely gray velvety. Stipules are 2-6 cm long, densely, shortly dark grayish or dark yellow velvety. Leaf stalks are 2-3 cm, densely gray velvety or hairless. Leaf blade is ovate-oblong, 20-30 cm long, 8-13 cm wide, leathery, smooth or sparsely velvety. Lateral veins are 15-20 pairs conspicuously raised on the underside. Base is rounded or somewhat heart-shaped. Margin is entire or sometimes wavy. Tip is pointed or long-pointged. Flowers are borne in racemes in leaf axils, 3-6-flowered. Sepals are 2 linear, 3 shorter. Stamens are about 30 - anthers linear-lanceshaped, connective appendages threadlike. Ovary is densely velvety. Style is silvery gray velvety on lower half. Nut is ovoid or narrowly ovoid, densely velvety. Flowering: March-April.

Identification credit: R. Vijayasankar, Vijay Anand Ismavel Photographed in Karimganj District, Assam & Manipur.

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