Golden Bamboo
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Golden Bamboo
ative Photo: Vinod Yadav
Common name: Golden Bamboo, Striped Bamboo • Nepali: भालु बाँस Bhaalu Baans, धनु बाँस Dhanu Baans
Botanical name: Bambusa vulgaris    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Bambusa vulgaris var. striata, Bambusa striata

Golden Bamboo is a of mutations of Common Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris), and has golden colored stems. There are narrow green stripes on the stems. Leaves are narrowly lanceshaped, 10-30 cm long, 1.3-2.5 cm broad, both surfaces hairless. It is a typical bamboo for ornamental plantation in the world at present.

Identification credit: Vinod Yadav
Photographed in Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.
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