Kashmir Larkspur
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Kashmir Larkspur
ative Photo: Anzar Khuroo
Common name: Kashmir Larkspur
Botanical name: Delphinium cashmerianum    Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family)

Kashmir Larkspur is a perennial herb found in the Himalayas, from Pakistan to Uttarakhand, at altitudes of 2700-4500 m. It is characterized by woolly- haired, conspicuously veined bluish-purple flowers, 2-3 cm acrossm clustered in a dense flat-topped head. Flowers have a stout spur 1.5 cm long. Leaves are rounded in outline, deeply lobed, 3-5 cm across. It is quite similar to Musk Larkspur which is found only above altitudes of 4500 m, and has larger, more inflated flowers.
Medicinal uses: Roots of the plant are used medicinally.

Identification credit: Umesh Tiwari Photographed in Kashmir.

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