Paired Eulalia Grass
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Paired Eulalia Grass
A Native Photo: Sushant More
Common name: Paired Eulalia Grass
Botanical name: Eulalia conjugata    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Eulalia fimbriata, Andropogon conjugatus, Saccharum conjugatum

Paired Eulalia Grass is an annual grass with stems 30-60 cm long, internodes smooth, hairless. Leaf-sheaths are hairless on surface. Ligule a ciliolate membrane. Leaf-blades are 15-25 cm long; 4 mm wide; flaccid, surface velvet-hairy; sparsely hairy; hairy above. Inflorescence is composed of racemes. Racemes are 2-6; paired, or digitate; 2.5-7.5 cm long. Rhachis fragile at the nodes; fringed with hairs on margins, internodes linear, tip transverse. Spikelets are borne in pairs, fertile spikelets stalkless and stalked; 2 in the cluster. Flower-stalks are linear; angular; fringed with hairs. Spikelets are comprising of 1 basal sterile florets; 1 fertile florets; without rhachilla extension. Spikelets are lanceshaped; dorsally compressed; 3 mm long; falling entire; deciduous from the base, or with accessory branch structures. Spikelet callus hairy; base blunt; attached transversely, hairs white. Paired Eulalia Grass is native to Indian Subcontinent to Indo-China, S. Malesia.

Identification credit: Manoj Chandran, Kumar GposaviSus Photographed at Kune Plateau, Khandala, Maharashtra.

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