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ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Ponga • Kannada: ಹೈಗ haiga, ಕಲ್ಬೋವು Kalbovu, ಉನ್ನಿ Unni, ದೊಡ್ಡೆಲೆಭೋಗಿ Doddele bhogi, ಹೆಗ್ಗೆ Hegge, ಬಿಳಿತಿರುಪು Bili tirupu • Konkani: पाव pav • Malayalam: ഇലപ്പൊങ്ങ് ilappong, ഇരുന്വകം irunvakam, കന്വകം kanvakam • Marathi: कवशी kavshi • Tamil: கோங்கு konku
Botanical name: Hopea ponga    Family: Dipterocarpaceae (Sal family)
Synonyms: Artocarpus ponga, Hopea wightiana

Ponga is a tree up to 18 m tall. Bark is thin smooth, flaky. Branchlets are usually drooping, round, velvety. Leaves are simple, alternate, spiral. Leaf-stalks are stout, whitish velvety, 1.3 cm long. Leaves are 11-31 x 2.5-7.5 cm, narrow oblong to oblong, tip bluntly pointed or long-pointed, often rounded, base rounded or heart-shaped, papery or somewhat leathery. Inflorescence are panicled racemes. Flowers are white, 5 petalled. Ponga is endemic to the Western Ghats - South and Central Sahyadris.

Identification credit: Shrikant Ingalhalikar Photographed near Castlerock, Karnataka.

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