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ative Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: Redshank, Lady's-thumb, Spotted lady's-thumb , Smart weed • Kannada: ಸೋರಲೆ Sorale
Botanical name: Persicaria maculosa    Family: Polygonaceae (Knotweed family)
Synonyms: Polygonum persicaria

Redshank is an erect annual herb, 20-100 cm tall, rooting at the nodes. Stem are brownish-reddish brown, hairless. Leaves are 1-14 cm long, 0.25-3.5 cm wide, narrowly lanceshaped-elliptic, long-pointed, entire, nearly stalkless, often with a large dark blotch near the middle. Bright pink flowers are borne in many-flowered, stalked racemes, 2-3 cm long, stalks 1-2 cm long. Flowers are small, 1.5-2 mm across, bright pink. Tepals are 5, dark pink-red, unequal, obovate, blunt-tipped. Stamens are 6, filaments long, unequal. Ovary ovoid, rounded, with 2 styles, styles free above, fused below. Redshank is found in Temp. Eurasia, N. Africa, and the Himalayas, at altitudes of 1200-4000 m. Flowering: June-October.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed from Kashmir.

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