Two-Color Catmint
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Two-Color Catmint
P Native Photo: Sunit Singh
Common name: Two-Color Catmint
Botanical name: Nepeta discolor    Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)
Synonyms: Glechoma discolor, Nepeta sabinei

Two-Color Catmint is a low spreading perennial herb with erect flowering stems with white or pale purple flowers, in ovoid or cylindric spikes 2-4 cm long, with narrow-ovate pointed often purplish bracts. Stems are ascending-erect, 15-30 cm, Leaves are thickish textured, 7-20 x 7-12 mm, greenish above, triangular-ovate to broad ovate, rounded toothed to sawtoothed, broadly wedge-shaped, tip pointed. Leaf-stalks are 2-10 mm on lower leaves decreasing up the stem to subabsent. Flowers are borne at branch-ends, in congested ovoid or oblong spikes, 20-40 x 15-20 cm. Outer bracts are elliptic, ovate-lanceshaped, green or purplish, tapering; inner linear-lanceshaped; all equal to length of calyx. Flower-stalks are adpressed to axis, up to about 2.5 mm. Calyx is about 7-8 mm, membranous, narrow tubular, eglandular hairy to vinous; throat slightly oblique; teeth linear to thread-like. Flower are pale lilac, violet or almost white, about 1-1.2 cm; tube curved, protruding. Two-Color Catmint is found in the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to W. Nepal, at altitudes of 2700-4800 m, on stony slopes. It is common in Ladakh and Lahaul. Flowering: June-August.

Identification credit: Sunit Singh Photographed in Badrinath, Uttarakhand.

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