Wedge-Leaved Water Croton
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Wedge-Leaved Water Croton
ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Wedge-Leaved Water Croton • Marathi: माचिम machim • Telugu: nilla jeni
Botanical name: Homonoia retusa    Family: Euphorbiaceae (Castor family)
Synonyms: Adelia retusa

Wedge-Leaved Water Croton is a shrub growing near rocky areas and stream beds. Leaves are alternate, oblong to spathulate, 2-4 x 1-2 cm, margin toothed, tip blunt to flat. Lateral nerves are about 4 pairs. Leaf-stalks are up to 3 mm. Flower spikes are up to 1 cm long. Male 4 mm across: tepals 3, becoming hairless, 2.5 mm; anthers 0.2 mm. Female flowers 3 mm across: tepals 6-8, linear, 2 mm, acute; ovary 3-lobed; styles 3 mm, recurved, Capsule is about 3.5 mm across. Wedge-Leaved Water Croton is found in Western Ghats, and is endemic to peninsular India. Flowering: January-August.

Identification credit: Shrikant Ingalhalikar
Photographed on riverbed along Kumta Siddapur-Road, Karnataka.
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