White Burma Mangrove
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White Burma Mangrove
E Native Photo: Chandrashekhar Marathe
Common name: White Burma Mangrove • Bengali: বকুল কাঁকড়া bakula kankara, সোনা চম্পা sona champa, ঠুসিয়া thushia • Gujarati: કાકંડન kakandan • Malayalam: ചെറുകണ്ടല്‍ cheru-kantal, കുറ്റിക്കണ്ടൽ kurrikkantal • Marathi: कांडेल kandel, कनिल kanil, लहान झुंबर lahan zumbar • Odia: ବକୁଳ bokul, କାଳିଚୁଆ kaliachua • Tamil: காக்கண் kaakandal, காகந்தன் kaakandan, பண்ணுக்குச்சி pannukkucci • Telugu: ఉరడ vurada Source: Names of Plants in India
Botanical name: Bruguiera cylindrica    Family: Rhizophoraceae (Burma Mangrove family)
Synonyms: Rhizophora cylindrica, Bruguiera caryophylloides

White Burma Mangrove is a tree gorwing up to 20 m tall with grey, smooth bark. Oppositely arranged leaves are light green, thin, elliptic. Stipules are pale yellow or greenish. Flowers are small in clusters of 2-5, with a pale greenish or white sepal cup that has 8 stout, long sepals. Petals are thin, white with 2-3 bristles at the tips. The petals turn brown rapidly. The small flowers are pollinated by day flying insects and butterflies. The petals of the flower hold loose pollen and are under tension. When probed at the base, the petal unzips to scatter a cloud of pollen over the head of the visiting insect. A closely related tree Burma Mangrove has red flowers.

Identification credit: Chandrashekhar Marathe, Dinesh Valke Photographed in Palghar, Maharashtra.

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