Yellow Himalayan Flax
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Yellow Himalayan Flax
ative Photo: Chitra Ahanthem
Common name: Yellow Himalayan Flax
Botanical name: Reinwardtia cicanoba    Family: Linaceae (Linum family)
Synonyms: Reinwardtia tetragyna, Linum tetragynum

Yellow Himalayan Flax is flower which is closely related to the more common Yellow Flax. It has larger leaves and larger flowers. It is a spreading or erect branched shrub, up to 1 m tall. It has showy yellow flowers more than 4 cm long, with 5 obovate petals. Flower tube is narrow, longer than that of the flowers of Yellow Flax. The tube flares open into a trumpet shaped flower. Leaves are elliptic to inverted-lanceshaped, entire or minutely toothed, hairless. Yellow Himalayan Flax is found in the Himalayas, from C. Nepal to SW China, at altitudes of 400-2000 m. Found flowering: November.

Identification credit: Shrikant Ingalhalikar Photographed in the Indo-Nepal Border region

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