Flower Shapes

Bell-Shaped - Campanulate

Flowers that are bell-shaped, with not a narrow but a rounded base.


Flowers that are trumpet-shaped, with a narrow base, flaring open into a wide trumpet-like mouth.

Funnel-Shaped - Funnelform

Flowers that are narrow at the base, and widen gradually like a cone, but not suddenly flaring.

Cup-Shaped - Cupulate

Flowers that are simply in the shape of a cup or bowl. The tips of the petals point upwards, leading to an upright, bowl-like rim.

Saucer-Shaped Acetabuliform

Flowers that are basically flat with a shallow depression in the middle. The tips of the petals are pointing outwards, leading to a flat, saucer-like rim.

Flat-Faced - Salverform

Flowers that have a very narrow tube, and open into a flat face, with the petals at right-angles to the tube.

Tube-Shaped - Tubular

Flowers that are in the form of a narrow tube, barely opening at the mouth with small petals.

Urn-Shaped - Urceolate

Flowers that are in the form of a pitcher or urn, with a swollen tube, opening into a narrow mouth, with small flared petals.

Star-Shaped - Stellate

Flowers that resemble a star in shape, with many individual petals radiating outwards from the centre

Cross-Shaped - Cruciform

Flowers that have four petals arranged in the shape of a cross.

Pea-Shaped - Papilionaceous

Flowers that are shaped like pea-flowers. They have 5 petals. One at the top, called standard or banner, two side ones, called wings, and two fused ones below which form the keel.

Two-Lipped - Labiate

Flowers that are divided into two unequal liplike parts. Upper two petals are joined to form a hood, while the lower three form a broad lip, where the pollinating insects land.